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Dig up your shoulderpads and jockstrap. Or even better, get yourself medieval battle armour, because these guys are unnaturally big. As quarterback it's your job to pass the ball t..
You should be fast, beat opponents and try to touchdown!
Choose a player – Rick or Joe. Use the arrow keys to move around and head toward the end zone. Opponents will try to tackle you, but you must avoid them by the Space bar.
This is funny American Football lgame. You need to score a touch down without being stopped by the players on your way. Use the arrow keys to navigate up and down, back and forward..
Avoid the defenders and get into the zone. You try to score three touchdowns to earn extra one. Use A, S.
Avoid the defenders and get into the end zone without being tackled. You must score three touchdowns to earn an extra try. Use A, S. You can only use the stiff arm and spin move on..
Try to move quickly, avoid opponents and touchdown!
It is one of the best American Football game. Your job is to defend. It's so easy to play, just use the arrows to move and Z or space to tackle and block the offence and protect yo..
It is your final chance to make a touchdown and became a member of hall of fame. There is no need to worry, just try to make your best to touchdown the ball. Guy, Do you hear me?
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